The End of the World as We Know It

Holy shit balls, 2020 was a shit storm. My last post on here was about traveling to the 2020 Laugh Fest in Grand Rapids. Well, I made it there, I did one show out of the two I was scheduled for before the whole damn thing was cancelled.

I have not been doing much, but hopefully by the summer things will be happening again. I’ve been on a few “Zoom Mics” but live stand up has been a no-no for me. I love being in front of a crowd, but I hate the idea of being on a ventilator or putting someone on a ventilator more.

This is more or less a place holder until I start doing shit again. Also, if you die while storming the capitol, please make sure you make it funny as hell. Tazer Balls.


Published by The Tom Brown

St. Louis based comedian and improv teacher/coach.

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