Comedy Night at 66 Cigar

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Every three months Tom hosts a comedy showcase at 66 Cigar owned by the awesome Beth Braznell and her husand Jay Rosloff. It has been going and generating tons of laughs since December 2016. Reserve your spot today at 314-394-9001! Entry to the event is a $5 donation.

Next Showcase is March 2nd, 2018 and it will feature:

Chris Cyr

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Chris Cyr is a writer and comic who lives in St. Louis, MO with his wife, two dogs, and a cat. He is the Co-Founder and Co-Creator of Wild Card Comedy and produces Impolite Company, a monthly late-night comedy showcase, as well as a number of other shows.  He hosts and features regularly at Helium Comedy in St. Louis, and at many of the area’s independent shows. He’s been fortunate enough to open for a number of national headliners including Kyle Kinane, Kurt Braunohler, Dick Gregory, and others.

Chris also maintains a website and social media accounts for information about the St. Louis Independent Comedy scene.

Doug Morris


Doug Morris is a human person and comedian. He runs “We Can’t Be President” a monthly showcase at Hey Guys Comedy Club in Fairview Heights, IL.






Kathy Zeman


Kathy Zeman is a local comedy veteran. She has performed in venues all over the Midwest. She’s like an open book, you can ask her anything. Just you might not always like the answer. Don’t ask where she gets her conditioner.





Larry Smith


Larry is a  well-read, blue collar, liberal arts college-educated, ranch-raised, erudite idiot. The best compliment he has received from a reputable source, and not a slurring drunkard is from the Illinois Times when they stated Larry is “a funny, normal white man,”

He’s married to a woman smarter, more successful, better looking, and younger than him which, I guess, makes her a trophy wife (which sucks for her, because, at best, he’s a participation ribbon).

He has performed at Mason City Limits in Mason City, IL (home of Dr. Gonzo), Donnie B’s in Springfield, IL, Vintage Villains in Danville, IL, Gaslight Theater in St. Louis, MO, Soma in Champaign, IL, The Normal Theater in Bloomington-Normal, IL, as well as many, many…many dive bars and independent venues all across Illinois, Missouri, and now Georgia. He also had the privilege of working with Yuk-Off Comedy, TimLossComedy, Dumpster Fire Productions, BellyLaffs Productions, to name a few. I was also featured in the movie The Stripper Ripper, written and directed by JakeAurelian. Additionally, he is the co-host of the “Comedians With Day Jobs” podcast, with listeners all over the United States, Canada, Spain, the UK, Sweden, Mexico, and Vietnam, where he has interviewed amazing comedians such as Andi Smith, Chad Daniels, Ryan Singer, and Elliot Threatt. We’ve also been rejected for interviews by folks such as Ron Jeremy.

Larry has had the pleasure of working with many notable comics such as Mike Armstrong, Dr. Gonzo, Chris Speyrer, Matt Holt, Dan Chopin, Elliot Threatt, Ryan Niemiller, Steve Caminiti, John Evans, Mark Poolos, and Richie Holliday, among others.

Will O’Donnell


Growing up in a family of six boys in small town Missouri, Will learned to be funny to compete for attention as well as for food. A Marine veteran and single father, he brings a grounded yet sharp point of view to the stage. He regularly performs at the Funny Bone and Hey Guys Comedy, as well as on independent shows across Missouri and Illinois. When not on stage, Will can be found eating hot dogs in his car outside a Quik Trip.



Reserve your spot today at 314-394-9001! Entry to the event is a $5 donation.