The End of the World as We Know It

Holy shit balls, 2020 was a shit storm. My last post on here was about traveling to the 2020 Laugh Fest in Grand Rapids. Well, I made it there, I did one show out of the two I was scheduled for before the whole damn thing was cancelled.

I have not been doing much, but hopefully by the summer things will be happening again. I’ve been on a few “Zoom Mics” but live stand up has been a no-no for me. I love being in front of a crowd, but I hate the idea of being on a ventilator or putting someone on a ventilator more.

This is more or less a place holder until I start doing shit again. Also, if you die while storming the capitol, please make sure you make it funny as hell. Tazer Balls.


LaughFest 2020


I’ll be back at LaughFest in Grand Rapids.

March 12, 2020: The BOB 3rd Floor (across the hall from Dr. Grin’s) at 7:00 pm.

March 13, 2020 Golden Age at Creston Brewery 11:00 pm.

March 14, 2020 TBA. Not on anything yet but did get a last minute slot last year on the Saturday.

LaughFest is a yearly comedy festival, celebrating it’s tenth year, that helps fund Gilda’s House which helps families with loved one’s undergoing cancer treatment and the patients themselves. All the shows are free, but please donate when you are at the shows. If not for the ability to fundraise at this festival it would not happen.

See you in the mitten!

Back to the Back Door

Thanksgiving is coming up, which means getting to see tons of wanton violence at your local Best Buy on Black Friday! But, I got something even better. After you’ve cleaned up a bit after your tussle with Denise over the last Tickle Me Elmo Xtreme Edition, come on over to see me host a great night of comedy at Back Door Comedy and Events! I’ll be opening for our local feature Chris Cyr and headlining the night will be Josh Alton. Four shows all weekend long!


Come to the Backdoor…


Awesome news! There is a new club in the St. Louis metro area, and I am going to be the host of their first headliner! It’s going to be a soft open to try to work all the kinks out, so let the club know what you think when you go. The headliner is Mike Brody, and he is super funny. This is going to be an absolute blast.

Tickets are only $20, the show includes me the host, a fantastic feature comic and headliner Mike Brody. Also, you’ll get to say you went to their very first weekend of shows! That’s brag worthy.

Also, yeah I know I never update this. But, I’m going to make a pre-New Years Resolution and try to do more.

I’m Coming to Laugh Fest!

laughfest logo

I am so excited to announce that I will be on two Stand-Up Showcases at Gilda’s Laughfest in Grand Rapids!

On March 14th, I will be at the 3rd Floor of The B.O.B. at 9:30. On March 15th, I will be at Golden Age at 7:00pm.

All these shows are free and first come, first serve. So if you want to come and see me, GET YOUR ASS THERE EARLY! Laughfest draws over 50,000 attendees every year!

Gilda’s LaughFest, the nation’s first-ever community-wide festival of laughter, has quickly earned a reputation for being one of the nation’s marquee events for both participants and artists. This major 10- day Midwest festival is based in Grand Rapids and includes events throughout West Michigan. Created by Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids and launched in March 2011 to celebrate laughter for the health of it, the festival features stand-up, improv, showcases, and a variety of seriously funny stuff.

All proceeds from LaughFest benefit the programs offered through Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids, a free community with a comprehensive program of education, structured sharing times, networking, lectures, workshops, and social activities designed to support emotional health.

I’m am super excited to return to my home state and to help contribute to a very great charity.

Woke AF Coming to STL

woke af

The WokeAF tour invades the South City Comedy Showcase on February 16th! The show is co-headliners Dorian Vasquez and Lamaire Lee from Philadelphia.

Dorian Vasquez has become a force in the Philly Comedy scene; running shows like Punk Rock Comedy, Max Capacity, and the Victoria Freehouse. He has opened for headliners like Chad Daniels, Ryan Singer, and Dan Cummins, and has performed in festivals like the Cleveland Comedy Festival, and Gilda’s Laughfest, to name a few.

Dorian Vasquez Video

LeMaire Lee is a standup guy, and comedian, who has opened for headliners like Baron Vaughn, Dan St. Germain, Joe List, and Luis J. Gomez. He has performed in festivals like the SF Sketchfest, Gilda’s Laughfest, and others. With fellow comedians Brandon Mitchell and Keane Cobb, he co-hosts the Alt-Black Podcast, which can be found on all platforms including Spotify.

LeMarie Lee Video

The show will also have special guest Mollie Amburgey of the Casually Mollie podcast and hosted Tom Brown.

Cost is $5 at the door. Apotheosis Comics features a full bar with beer, wine and liquor selections.

South City Comedy Series

apothoeosis comics stand up logo

I should have done this months ago…I have started a weekly comedy series at Apotheosis Comics. There are not a lot of weekly showcases in St. Louis that feature local comics, I mean it’s like one of two. But, that is pretty rad.

The show is every Saturday Night. It’s only $5. It is in a comic book shop. It also has a bar! It has all the things. I hope to see you soon.

Known in the RFT as, “…and the comic who shared a ride down to Cape with him, Tom Brown.”


Got myself in a little of that “old media” back in April. And, just sharing with you now, because I’m timely. It’s a fun article about St. Louis comics hitting the road for a one-nighter in Cape Girardeau back in March. Please click the above link to “enjoy.”

You can see me the comic the RFT refers to as, “…and the comic who shared a ride down to Cape with him, Tom Brown.” This Saturday at Apotheosis Comics for Comics and Comics at 8pm for only $5!

Thank You Paul Bunyan

tom at paul bunyan photo

Last weekend was an absolute blast up at the 1st ever Paul Bunyan Comedy Festival. I got to meet a lot of great comedians from all around the country and perform in front of packed audiences both nights! Who knew that little Oscoda, Michigan could do so much for this comedian? Big shout out to the organizers Brandon Young and Dan Bublitz for putting together a pretty magical weekend. Oh, and of course to the great and interesting people and night life of Oscoda who kept things interesting after hours.

Click here to see a few minutes of my Friday night set.

Be sure to check me out in Breese, Illinois on April 27th! It is at 8:00pm at the Breese American Legion. And, you can check it out for free!


Podcasts and Contests



Wow! It has been a fun month already! I have been on Chris Cyr’s Impolite Radio Show and Vincent Opper’s Gateway Comedy Scene Podcast (click on the links to check them out, good listening).

I now also have my date for the Hey Guys Comedy Club Stand Up Comedy Contest Semi-Final Round. I will be there on Wednesday, March 28th! It’s only $5 to get in, so tell your friends, and come down to root (and, laugh; mostly laugh) me on!

And, don’t forget! Get your tickets now for my appearances at The Paul Bunyan Comedy Festival in Oscoda, MI. I will be on April 6th at 9pm and April 7th at 7 pm (you can meet my parents at that show!)

I have a few other things in the works I can’t get into now, but just wait!