Tom Brown Stand Up Comedian

Tom Brown has a very common name. In fact, we’re pretty sure he’s not the only comic named Tom Brown. But, he’s our Tom Brown.

Tom is currently based out of “lovely” St. Louis, Missouri where you can find him Emceeing or Featuring on many of their stages and clubs. He has also performed at venues as far North as Gaylord, Michigan and as far south as Cape Girardeau, MO and looking to go farther out from there! Book Now!

Tom has also been featured on the Grand Rapids, MI based Sunday Night Funnies. You can watch part of his performance here. You can also hear him on several podcasts where he has been a guest.

When not telling jokes about bad job interviews, episodes from his youth he still regrets today and the banality of modern-American life, he enjoys spending time with his wife and dog, and drinking margaritas the size of his head.

See where you can find Tom at Next! Click Here!


Published by The Tom Brown

St. Louis based comedian and improv teacher/coach.

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