About Tom


The Tom Brown has been “doing comedy” in one shape or form since 2001. He was a forming member of the Northern Michigan University improv group, On the Spot.on the spot

After wandering the country for a few years, he ended up moving to Chicago to study improv at the world famous iO Chicago!


Unfortunately, timing is everything in comedy and life. The week he moved was the start of the Great Recession of 2008. However, he is very proud of his forth place showing at the Bar Louie Tater Tot Eating Competition!


He ended up with a seedy group of people known as politicians and ended up moving to St. Louis.

In St. Louis, he met his lovely (and, overly forgiving) wife Jen. In between campaigns, he would still dabble in the dark comedic arts. Hosted a few improv shows and whatnot.

In 2015, Tom had his great awakening and found his new love of Stand-Up Comedy. This is his main passion now.


Jokes ranging from the political, to the absurdities in life, to the somewhat personal. His confidence on stage is what sets him apart and puts an audience in the palm of his hands. His influences include (but, not limited to) Louis CK, Woody Allen, Patton Oswalt and John Oliver.